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    Food & Drink Photography

    We have a natural instinct for capturing the essence of food and drink so that it translates into images as delectable as their subject matter. Our philosophy is to make your food appear honest and luscious, creating tasteful images that will engage the emotions and taste buds of your audience. Working closely with our clients, our photographs reveal a true passion and understanding of food, glorious food…beautiful food!

    • Round bowl of rich red chicken curry on dark wood table top
    • Fresh cream pastry with fresh strawberries, blackberries and mint
    • Antipasti platter with vine tomatoes, olives and salami
    • Flat lay photography of baking ingredients
    • Steaming hot bowl of seafood waiting on the pass at a restaurant
    • Pip & Wild cider bottle and glass on a stone table with strawberry garnishes
    • Fine dining food photography
    • Top down image of a mix of india food
    • Burger & Red Wine - Hide Burger Bar
    • Group enjoying food at an Indian restaurant
    • Cobra beer and bottle on a table in a Turkish restaurant set
    • Hidden Street Food product range shot on a grey slate background
    • Bowl of freshly cooked indian salad
    • Carling Light lifestyle photography for Molson Coors
    • Freshly cooked raviolo with butternut squash sauce and pea shoot garnish
    • Sausage roll with brown sauce
    • Blue Moon and Aspall lifestyle photography for Molson Coors
    • Organic jar of honey with bowl of vanilla ice cream
    • Flat lay of fresh ingredients on a rustic wooden table top
    • Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin bottle and glass with freshly served gin and garnish
    • Freshly made burger being prepared by a chef in a restaurant
    • Double chocolate torte with caramalised crisp and toffee ice cream
    • Bowl of fresh mussles and toasted bread
    • Freshly made pizza fiorentina
    • Bottle and pint of Cobra beer in a Chinese restaurant
    • Freshly cooked dish of paella
    • Top down image of colourful indian food on dark wood table
    • Freshly cooked dish of paella

    Showcase your craft

    In the hospitality industry, having high-quality professional photography of your food, your customer service and atmosphere is a crucial part of showcasing your skill and creativity. Here are some of the types of food photography that we can help with:

    Round bowl of rich red chicken curry on dark wood table top






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