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    ‘How can we make our products look interesting?’


    At Cactus Images, we often get asked the same question from our clients and that is ‘How can we make our products look interesting?’

    Innovative products come in all shapes and sizes and, whilst not all of them create naturally interesting forms, we have a wealth of experience in making the ordinary extraordinary. As you can imagine, there are many things that come into the mix when creating a look and feel that will make your products stand out in their own unique way.

    We’ve been consolidating our thoughts on this topic and thought it would helpful to share the key considerations that are involved with any product photography project.

    1. First and foremost, who are your photographs for? 

    Keeping your audience at the very front of your mind will ensure that the scene, colour palette and positioning excites and delights your key buyers.

    • Making simple products look interesting
    • Creative Product Photography

    2. Think about the placement of your photography.

    Where will they be used? This will have a huge impact on the format and overall shape the image needs to take. For example, will they be used on full screen website banners, or trade print publications?

    • Electronic Parts Photography
    • Screws and Bolts Photography
    • Engineering Parts Photography

    3. Essence.

    What is it about your product that creates emotion, connection and need? By understanding these, we can help emphasise these points through our styling and composition choices. Whether that is through an interesting view point, use of colour, lighting or capturing movement – these elements will form the heart of the shot.

    • Engineering Parts Photography
    • Engineering Parts Photography
    • Engineering Parts Photography
    • Engineering Photography

    4. Post production.

    After the products have been photographed, there is still an important creative element that will complete the entire look of your photography and this is post production. In this part of the project, the imagery can be colour graded to suit a particular look or feel that matches your branding and message. For example, this could be adding extra vibrancy and pop, creating dark gritty tones, or emphasising form through bright white highlights.

    • Creative Product Photography
    • Creative Product Photography
    • HUUB Sock Product Photography
    • HUUB Sock Product Photography

    Combined together, all these choices result in the unique output that gives your photography and products the edge they deserve!




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