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    Creative Planning


    Our creative team have a wealth of experience in working with businesses to define a creative direction that suits your brand and vision.

    Working closely with our clients, we develop a plan to deliver images based on the emotion and message our clients want to convey.

    With an understanding of design and placement, we can ensure photography that complements your marketing and business objectives.

    What does Creative Planning involve?

    Developing a creative brief that details the project objectives including:

    • Creative Direction
    • Tone and Feel
    • Composition
    • Prop Requirements
    • Placement/Use
    • Shot List

    Prop Sourcing & Styling


    We are often required to create or source almost anything and everything needed to add a sense of realism to a set.

    This could be something as simple finding a 1950’s maple side table, to recreating the interior of a room, entirely in red, blue, green, purple…

    Whether we are sourcing or making props, we use ingenuity, imagination and creativity to create the look you need.

    What does Prop Sourcing & Set Creation involve?

    Understanding the brief and setting the scene for the photographer:

    • Research and styling knowledge.
    • Health and safety.
    • Building and styling to enable the photographers point of view.
    • Excellent workflow management for preparation.
    • Reactivity and problem solving for unplanned changes.

    Studio & Location Photography


    Our team at Cactus Images works both from their large penthouse studio in former Rolls-Royce iconic building, Marble Hall, Derby and also on location nationwide.

    Having been established for over 10 years, we have built the facilities, capabilities and resources to undertake a wide range of creative photography projects.

    We pride ourselves on providing our clients a warm and hospitable environment, bursting with personality, creativity and most importantly… good coffee!


    Post Production & Creative Editing


    Post production is an integral part of our work. We take our lead from our client’s brief and factor in our styling, creativity and technical abilities to produce a creative concept and approach. We then combine the process of matching our client’s vision with what happens initially in camera and then digitally in post production, to create the highest quality images that will give your business that commercial edge you are looking for.

    Our post production services include:
    • Retouching
    • Colour Correction
    • Creative Editing
    • Distortion and Perspective Correction
    • Logo Integration
    • Web Optimisation