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    The Project

    We have been working with the team at Skinglo to launch their new skincare product, set to revolutionise the beauty market. We have very much enjoyed being part of the journey so far, which has involved model, brand and product photography.

    Skinglo is an easy to take liquid that delivers hydrolysed marine collagen to help keep skin plump, hydrated and elastic, while essential vitamins provide the building blocks to support skin structure.

    Brand Photography

    Skinglo have a premium, streamlined demographic, so any creative visuals needed to reflect this, with a high-end look and feel.

    For the Model images, presenting a strong sense of brand identity was important. With the use of lighting we created a unique backdrop to emphasise their brand colour palette of soft peach, nude and lilac.

    Product Photography

    Working with their product packaging, we wanted to convey a sense of lifestyle. With the use of silk drapes we created a light and luxurious feel. By using a neutral coloured background, the product and packaging remains the key focus.

    Creative Liquid Photography

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